How to Listen

1. ONLINE click on the Listen Live icon

2. JNET on your MAC

To listen to JNET Radio on a Mac copy and paste the following path into Windows Media Player (Go to File Open URL)

3. JNET on your iphone

To listen to JNET on your iphone download WunderRadio and search for JNET Radio. There are an increasing number of these types of apps.

JNET LATEST: JNET now heard in 69 different countries around the World. Significant increase in proportion of listeners in the USA in 2011. We have a new News Programme hosted by Alexander Bermange on Mondays 6-9 pm commencing Monday 7th March.

We have recently welcomed Melissa Cohen from The Apprentice and Graham Taylor Watford Chairman and ex England Manager as guests on JNET Radio.

We will be announcing another National Brand sponsorship shortly in the wake of the continuing Mercedes Benz sponsorship, Network Waves and The Jewish Volunteering Network.

JNET Radio is also pleased to announce its charitable involvement as Media Partner to both Victim Support on 6th April and Kosher Talent 2011 on November 6th


Does Radio Marketing Have Advantages?

In a day and age where the majority of people seem to have their computer systems on at work and their tv’s on at work, and radio is controlled by syndicated talk programs, can radio play a constructive part in a marketing project?

Yes. There are a couple of ways in which radio can considerably assist a marketing project.

In my view, the most essential element of radio marketing is no longer advertisement-oriented. Instead, it can be made use of to establish credentials as a star or a professional. Many of the stations speak with individuals from time to time, and if your product has a regional purpose, being heard on the radio is most likely to give you immediate trustworthiness amongst the listeners. They will call you instantly if they need help in your area of knowledge, and I have actually found that this instant result will last longer than you might expect-several weeks possibly, even for a single interview. For example a newly launched dumpster rental service might choose to advertise on the radio for immediate exposure.

There is likewise an advancing result from more than one interview. After hearing you a couple of times, your potential customers will certainly seem like they know you and consider you practically a pal. They will remember you if they need your services, and they will certainly be far more responsive to a direct mail project.

Even if your market is not predominantly regional, the celebrity effect can be extremely practical. You can refer to your interviews, and because much radio programs nowadays is available by web, your customers can actually look you up and listen via the web. And you can connect to the interviews on your site. Due to the fact that of the web connection, the interviews are in some cases searchable and increase your “presence” in the search engines. And radio interviews have that “spontaneous” sensation (although they are hardly ever really spontaneous) that lends itself to viral marketing. The exact same familiarity and spontaneity, although to a lesser level, can be attained with radio marketing.

Of course, the trick to using radio as a significant part of a marketing campaign is to obtain spoken with, or to obtain enough radio industrial exposure at an economical rate, ideally totally free.

Alternative to radio ads with yard signs

With the presidential elections coming up, politicians are busy getting their marketing teams and plans ready to take on the voter and each other. While we would love to tell you that radio is the best way of advertising for them the reality is that you cannot deny the power of a custom yard sign.

There signs are other the first thing that voter see and when election time hits you will notice them flooding form lawns, boulevards and just about any place you can put one at.

One of the first things marketing teams do is decide were they will place their foam signs. Lots of thought and planning actually goes into location of because they want to place signs there they have the most visual impact on people. Mapping software is used in most cases and is a staple of any successful campaign.

Yard Sign Regulations

Most cities and states will have regulatory laws that prohibit the placement of propaganda like yard signs and bandit signs. It’s important that campaign managers are aware of these laws or they could jeopardize the entire operation. Homeowners associations may also have their own set of rules when it comes to lawn signs and signs cannot be placed within 10 feet of a major road.


Because of the sheer volume of yard signs it’s easy for the voter to ignore this method of advertisement and therefore making all your efforts useless. Using visual aids in custom designs and clever messaging can have a significant impact on the camping. One thing to consider is outdoing your competition by placing larger signs next to them forcing your sign to stick out. Try not to over do it with too many of the same signs in one area as people can become disconnected from your message and brand.


Custom yard signs come in all shapes and sized and price points. Not all signs are created equal; materials like coroplast are durable and affordable while something like wireframe can make them easier to stick in the group. Taking location and volume into consideration will help in purchasing the proper yard signs. Shop around the internet and you will find plenty of suppliers that can provide quality product, Thirdcoastsigns – custom yard signs for example is a great alternative because they are a printer that can pump out large volumes.

Even in today’s Internet world yard signs are still an effective method of advertising is used properly.

Why Radio Still Rocks

A lot of business owners understand that advertising is indispensable to their company. Nevertheless, in spite of understanding this, many entrepreneur detest advertising since it is terribly expensive. The trouble is that if you do not promote, only your close friends and next-door neighbors will certainly ever get to come across you.

For example, in our typical sized town of 65,000 people, there are thirty-eight pages of contractors in the Yellow Pages; each page has 2 columns and each column has actually forty to fifty names on it.

These small companies think of TV and radio advertising like the big companies, however it is just too costly or at least they think that it is. Enormous companies such as Ford and McDonald’s expend hundreds of countless dollars on radio and TV marketing, however little company have other, smaller opportunities to advertise in your area.

Among these less expensive, occasionally even complimentary, implies of advertising on the radio is ‘per questions’ or PI Advertising. This is a type of radio advertising that is extremely useful to the marketer, because advertisers only pay for every query about their ad. It is a bit like Google’s ‘pay per click’ or ‘PPC’ marketing on website.

First of all, you will require a list of all the radio stations in the area that you have an interest in. You can acquire a list of licensed radio stations at your library or potentially get one in for you.

Then copy out the names of all the stations in your target area. It is usually finest to begin with your own region and fan out from there, however if you have an accurate target audience, you will have to some investigation.

Next you should look through your list of radio stations and mark the ones that are of interest. For example, if you are selling skateboards, it is maybe not worth marketing on a Classic FM music station.